Monday, April 2, 2018

No Patterned Paper Badge Winners

Wow! Just, WOW! So many of you obviously love to make cards with no patterned paper. We think this is our biggest turn out yet, so thank you to each of you that shared your wonderful cards with us.  Of course, lots of entries means lots to choose from but we're not complaining! We took a vote and have our First Class badge winner and we each had our own different personal favorite for In the Mail Box.

Congratulations to #96 Rosali
First Class Badge Winner!
We absolutely loved Rosali's beautiful colored layers and delicate white leaves. A special card for a special day! Again, congratulations Rosali!

Rosali, you may grab the First Class badge below to proudly showcase on your own blog.

As we said earlier, ALL of the cards for this challenge were wonderful so it was very hard for each of use to pick just one favorite but here they are in no particular order...

#87 Lena L, In the Mailbox as Sherry's Personal Favorite

#64 Katrina B, In the Mailbox as Kristie's Personal Favorite

#98 Debbie, In the Mailbox as Annie's Personal Favorite

#51 Dreja, In the Mailbox as Sherrie's Personal Favorite

#37 Kuni, In the Mailbox as Lisa's Personal Favorite

#36 Karten, In the Mailbox as Donna's Personal Favorite

#10 Tip Top, In the Mailbox as Toni's Personal Favorite

#50 Nela, In the Mailbox as Sandy's Personal Favorite

#59 Cathy P, In the Mailbox as Wendi's Personal Favorite

#70 Gwendolyn, In the Mailbox as Nancy's Personal Favorite

Congratulations to each of our In the Mailbox badge winners!  You may grab the badge below to proudly showcase on your own blog.

Again, thank you so much to each of you for playing along with our challenge.  We have a new challenge that's started (Get Negative) and hope each of you join in again.

~Sandy & the CIE Designers


  1. Thank you for choosing my card as your favorite, Wendy! What an honor from a gallery full of fabulous cards!

  2. A gallery of awesome choices featured! Congratulations to all the winners!

  3. Oh thank you! Ich freue mich, daß meine Karte Sherrie´s Favorit ist.
    Glückwunsch an die anderen kreativen Ladys.
    Liebe Grüße Dreja

  4. Eep!! Thank you so much for the top spot!! Makes me happy!! Hugs, Rosali

  5. Thank you so so much Donna for choosing my card as your favorite! I`m so happy!
    Congrats to the other talented ladies.
    Hugs, Silke from KartenKram

  6. Wow thanks so much Nancy for choosing my card! Congrats to the others for their gorgeous cards! Gwendolyn


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