Monday, November 20, 2017

Typography Badge Winners!

Our last card challenge, "Typography" was so much fun and it was great to see the different takes and uses of words and letters.  We had lots of great entries and are so thankful for each of you!  All of the CIE designers voted and came away with one card to be First Class!

Congratulations to #14 Sybrina
First Class Card!
We loved the beautiful, vibrant colors of Sybrina's card and the rich showcase of the words on the banner!

Sybrina, you may grab the First Class badge below to proudly showcase on your own blog and again, congratulations!

Each CIE Designer then picked their one personal favorite card from all the entries.  Here they are listed in no particular order...

#12 Steph L, In the Mailbox as Lisa & Annie's Personal Favorite

#3 Lilian T, In the Mailbox as Toni's Personal Favorite

#16 Bobbi, In the Mailbox as Sherry's Personal Favorite

#1 Jackie M, In the Mailbox as Sherri's Personal Favorite

#25 Shawna S, In the Mailbox as Donna's Personal Favorite

#4 Carol, In the Mailbox as Sandy & Kathy's Personal Favorite

#23 Carol, In the Mailbox as Kristie's Personal Favorite

#19 Izzy S, In the Mailbox as Wendi's Personal Favorite

In the Mailbox Badge Winners, you may grab the badge below to proudly display on your own blog and congratulations!

Thank you again to all of you for sharing your beautiful cards with us for our Typography card challenge.  We have a new card challenge that's going on right now with a theme of "It's Only Paper!"  We hope you'll join us!

~Sandy and the CIE Designers

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  1. Thanks for choosing my card, Toni!
    And congrats to all!
    The Leaf Studio

  2. Congratulations to Sybrina; an absolutely gorgeous card! Applauding all the others selected as winners and SO very grateful to see my cards as favourites! Thank you, Kathy, Sandy and Kristie! You've made my week sparkle!

  3. A lovely surprise to be picked as one of the fav's! Thank you so much...glad I found your site.

  4. What a wonderful surprise! Thanks so much to the CIE gals for this honor, and kudos to the other honorees. Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. :)

  5. Congratulations Sybrina ! Your card is stunning with these gold and bright colours ! And what a beautiful surprise to see my card, thanks so much for choosing it as a favourite and congrats to all the other favourites !

  6. Lisa & Annie - thank you so much for choosing my card. There were so many wonderful entries. Congrats to all!


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