Monday, September 16, 2013

A Little Bit RETRO Challenge!

Winners of our Retro Challenge are:

FIRST CLASS - #7 Linda L

IN THE MAILBOX - #1 Kathy Stacy, #3 Carol L and #6 Jackie W

Hello! Welcome to another fun challenge here on Cards in Envy!  We're asking you to go back in time...just a little bit and to create a card that has RETRO vibes!  What is retro?  Well, our definition of retro is..." old fashioned style."  So what might your RETRO card feature?   It could be made with old fashioned colors like those from the 50s, 60s, 70s--think harvest gold and avocado green, or clothing or other items from those past years.  Heck, now retro can even be the 80s and 90s.  You could even make your card to look like how a card might have looked from a certain decade or another idea is to use hippie clothing, the peace sign etc. which is certainly retro too.  Still confused?  Then maybe our Designers' creations can help you out and offer you a bit of inspiration. 

Please remember that our challenge is for A2 (4.25" x 5.5") cards ONLY.  We do not accept entries for square cards AND your card must be relatively FLAT with no lumpy bumpy embellishments, bows etc.  because we want all CARDS IN ENVY to fit in a regular envy for mailing with a single first class stamp!

Danie created this fabulous fashionable card featuring a very retro image.  Anyone remember when ladies dressed like this?  And the colors, patterns of her papers really add to this fun card!

Debbie, Scrap Enabler
Debbie created a super fun and cute retro card with colors and paper patterns that remind me of fabric and coloring books from when I was a kid (yes, that decade is very retro!)  The adorable image of the cute kids on a seesaw pull all the elements of this retro card together!

Denise went with a country, retro vibe on her card featuring old fashioned kitchen decor favorites with roosters and hens and a little bit of French inspiration. Can you say...Oh, la, la!

Karen's retro card is inspired from a picture that used to hang on her Mom's wall during that decade when EVERYTHING was this color! Can you guess when that was?  Even the shapes say "retro."

Kristie's fabulous card is sending retro love via an old manual typewriter.  I wonder if many of us could still type on that now days?  The lovely floral paper in the background is also reminiscent of a style and days gone by!

Lisa used an element right off the pages of a retro magazine!  A time when you could get a complete haircutting outfit for only $14.95.  Her paper choices and colors work perfectly for that retro look!

Marilyn's card brings us a bright and cheerful retro feeling with the adorable toaster and slice of toast. Something I can visualize on a 50s kitchen counter or magazine ad! Love her choice of background papers for this fun card!

  Patricia, Thinking of Inking
Patricia's card shows you what you can do when your inspiration is color.  The patterns of the papers definitely say retro along with that fabulous avocado green!

 Sandy (Challenge Host), Sandy's Crafty Creations
My retro card is inspired by my mother and grandmothers who always wore an apron in the kitchen.  The patterned rose paper reminds me of our living room walls.  Not only did my mother and grandmothers wear aprons but they wore dresses too even when doing housework.  A retro era that I love to remember!

Oh baby! Nothing says retro better than vinyl!  Vinyl records, of course.  Wendi charms us with her awesome 45 record peeking out from behind a retro patterned paper.

Now it's your turn to share your RETRO card with us!  Please make sure that your card fits with our challenge by reading our guidelines and following our theme.  You could be our FIRST CLASS entry or one of our IN THE MAILBOX entries for this challenge!  Our Designers will be voting on their favorite cards which will be announced on the Wednesday following the close of the challenge. We will have one FIRST CLASS and three or more IN THE MAILBOX.  Each will receive one of our fun badges for their blog!

A few quick reminders regarding our challenge:
  1. No square cards.  All cards entered must be A2 size (4.25" x 5.5")
  2. No lumpy, bumpy cards.  Elements on your card need to be relatively flat (no thicker than 1/4")
  3. Limit entries to 3 per challenge.


  1. Pefect week for me to remember all this. On Saturday I go to myreunion, won't the year but you can guess.

  2. Loving all the retro cards! Fabulous work ladies!

  3. Love the retro cards! So fun!! Way to go Designers!


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