Monday, May 7, 2018

It's Birthday Party Time Badge Winners!

Oh my! So many wonderful birthday cards for our last card challenge!!  Goodness, how do we pick a winner?!!!  It was so hard, but we did end up with one card to be First Class!

Congratulations to # 59 Kathy S!
First Class Badge Winner
We loved this adorable magical unicorn princess birthday wishes card!

Kathy, you may grab the First Class badge below to proudly display on your own blog.  Again, congratulations!

Our CIE Designers then each picked their own personal favorite card from all the entries, here they are in no particular order:

#31 Wei-Lin H, In the Mailbox as Sandy's Personal Favorite

#58 Cheryl S, In the Mailbox as Kristie's Personal Favorite

#55 Karen B, In the Mailbox as Annie's Personal Favorite

#18 Red O. In the Mailbox as Sherri's Personal Favorite

#15 Wei-Lin H, In the Mailbox as Toni & Sherry's Personal Favorite

#7 Cyndi A, In the Mailbox as Donna's Personal Favorite

#21 Monika R, In the Mailbox as Nancy's Personal Favorite

#27 Carol M, In the Mailbox as Lisa's Personal Favorite

#23 Natalie S, In the Mailbox as Wendi's Personal Favorite

Congratulations to all of our In the Mailbox badge winners! You may grab the badge below to proudly showcase on your own blog!

Thank you so much to all of you for playing along with this challenge. It has been lots of fun seeing all the different and wonderful birthday cards! We hope you'll join us for our new challenge--One Layer cards!

~Sandy & the CIE Designers


  1. Congrats Kathy and to all the winners! Thank you, Kristie, for choosing my card :)

  2. Congrats to all the winners! Thanks to Sandy, Toni and Sherry for picking my card as your favorite! You really made my day!

  3. I am excited to be featured as an "in the mailbox" favorite! Thank you Annie and Card Envy. All the cards were wonderful and I enjoyed looking at each one!

  4. Wildly cheering Kathy's oh-so-adorable card in being selected as the winner! Sweetness in every way! Applauding the In the Mailbox selections, as well - and how wonderful to see my card selected as Lisa's favourite! Thank you ever so much! Ideas percolating for the current challenge....

  5. I am so happy you choose my card just made my day...
    many thanks
    and congrats to all ladies...what a wonderful and adorable selection of cards

  6. All the cards in these pictures are amazing, and very creative. My mom will be celebrating her birthday next week, as we have put together a wonderful party for her at the one of the nearby event space. I want to give her a handmade birthday card, as I feel that they have more emotional value, and your post has given me great ideas for it.


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