Sunday, February 17, 2019

Thank you!

After 6 years, this blog challenge is now closed.  We want to thank all of you that have created cards and shared them with us.  We appreciate it so much and have loved looking at your cards.

After February 17, 2019, there will be no new card challenges posted.  We will leave this blog up so you can check back and look at the designers' cards from the many different challenges for inspiration.  We expect that the links to the challenges from the participants will not be available after the subscription for the Inlinkz has been cancelled.  However, you will still be able to see the badge winner posts and the images of those cards.  On the right sidebar are the links to our current and final Cards in Envy Designers' personal blogs.  Those will continue to be listed as long as each designer has their blog and it will show their new posts for other projects, cards and challenges.

Again, thank you so much for being a Cards in Envy challenge participant.

~Sandy and the Cards in Envy Designers....


Monday, February 4, 2019

Final Farewell Card Challenge with Sketch #1

Click >HERE< for the Love Me, Love My Pet Badge Winners

Well, here we are with  our final Cards in Envy Card Challenge. After this challenge, we will no longer be posting new challenges.   It's been  an amazing 6 years since Denise came up with the idea to start a card challenge that required only flat cards that could easily be put in an envelope for mailing.  It was her brain child and she invited Sandy to join her as co-hosts.  Over time, Denise became overwhelmed with running Cards in Envy and another card challenge she created called Digi Haven.  She decided to step down and hand over Cards in Envy to Sandy, remain as a CIE designer but  focus on hosting Digi Haven.  Sadly, on July 1, 2014, Denise was diagnosed with cancer and decided to close her Digi Haven challenge.  On February 1, 2016, Denise lost her battle with cancer and earned her angel wings.  To honor her, we are going to end this blog challenge by using the same theme as her very first challenge with a Sketch designed by her.  So for this challenge, we ask that you create a card that's flat enough to fit in an envelope using Sketch #1 by Denise Gray below.

You can use different elements, not just circles to create your card and you can turn it into a vertical orientation if you wish.  For this challenge, we will not be voting for a First Class card nor choosing any personal favorites for In the Mailbox.  Instead, in appreciation of all of you who have participated in our challenges in the past  and created a card for this challenge, we are awarding EVERYONE our First Class Sketch #1 Final Challenge badge for your blog.  If you link a card using Sketch #1, you may copy and save this badge and post it on your own blog.

Along with you, our Cards in Envy designers are sad to see this challenge end but we hope to see each other in other challenges and in social media.  Each designer has created their own interpretation of Denise's Sketch #1 and share them here for your inspiration.  For more information about each card design, click on the Designer's blog link that is listed beside their name.

Sherry, Bits of Cheer 

We'd love to see your "Sketch #1" card!

Here are a few reminders about our challenge requirements:
  • No lumpy, bumpy cards.  Elements on your card need to be relatively flat (no thicker than 1/4") so your card would fit in an envy (envelope) for mailing
  • Limit entries to 3 per challenge.
  • No Back Linking--cards must be posted to your blog or an online album during the challenge dates. If it was posted online BEFORE the beginning of our challenge, it cannot be linked.
  • Entry must be for the current theme.
  • Cards Only--NO TAGS
Entries not following our rules and not for the current challenge theme will be deleted without notice or comment. We accept any size/shape of card BUT all cards must be flat enough to fit in an envy for mailing (no thicker than 1/4") which means no lumpy, bumpy embellishments. 

Challenge ends Sunday, February 17, 2019  at 6:00 p.m. Central Time. 

Thank you for sharing your card using Sketch #1 that is flat enough to mail in an envelope with us at Cards in Envy and for participating in our final challenge!  We appreciate all of you so much!

Thank you & Goodbye, 

Sandy & the Cards in Envy Designers

Please note:  The Cards in Envy blog will remain open in case you want to check out any of the designers' card creations at a later date.  We expect that the InLinkz linked cards will no longer be available after the close of this challenge as it is a paid subscription and once cancelled the links may no longer show up.  The sidebar will continue to link to the current Cards in Envy Designers personal blogs unless a designer closes her blog. If you have not already, you might want to follow their blogs. There will be no new challenge posts for this blog after this one.  Again, Thank you so much!

Love Me, Love My Pet Badge Winners

We absolutely loved all the wonderful love cards for this challenge, both the ones for just love and the ones featuring pets!  It's made it hard to choose just one, but after voting, we did have one card picked to be First Class for this challenge!

Congratulations to #4 Karen Brown!
First Class Badge Winner
We loved this adorable shop scene with the brick wall and stripe awning and the two pups!  So cute and heart balloons! 

Thank you Karen for this super cute card and again congratulations! You may grab the First Class badge below to proudly showcase on your own blog.

The Cards in Envy Designers then each picked their one personal favorite card from all the entries to be In The Mailbox.  here they are in no particular order:

#27 Julie O, In the Mailbox as Sherri's Personal Favorite

#28 Maikreation, In the Mailbox as Lisa & Kristie"s Personal Favorite

#3 Nat's Paper World, In the Mailbox as Toni & Wei's Personal Favorite

#12 Kuni, In the Mailbox as Wendi's Personal Favorite

#8 A. Rose, In the Mailbox as Sherry's Personal Favorite

#33 Darnell, In the Mailbox as Donna's Personal Favorite

#30 Ellie, In the Mailbox as Sandy's Personal Favorite

Congratulations to each of you! Please grab the In the Mailbox badge below to proudly showcase on your own blog.

Again, thank you so much to all of you for playing along with this challenge and all the challenges over the past 6 years! Our last challenge is now live and will run for 2 weeks with a theme of Sketch #1.

~ Sandy and the CIE Designers