Monday, June 6, 2016

Deep Blue Badge Winners

Blue is such a beautiful color and for our Deep Blue card challenge we had so many wonderful entries.  The votes by our CIE Designers have been tallied and our overall top card is:

# 26 Carol
First Class Card
There was something about the simplicity and beauty of these blue stars on this Father's Day card that we loved!  Congratulations, Carol! Grab the First Class badge below to proudly showcase on your own blog!

After picking the First Class Card, the CIE Designers then picked one personal favorite card.  Here they are in no particular order:

#21 Kathryn at KTC
In the Mail Box as Sybrina's Personal Favorite

#26 Carol
In the Mailbox as Sandy & Annie's Personal Favorite

#3 Michelle
In the Mailbox as Sherry's Personal Favorite

#29 Christine Garner
In the Mailbox as Kathy & Marilyn's Personal Favorite

#27 Maria F
In the Mailbox as Patricia's Personal Favorite

#25 Lilian TheLeafStudio
In the Mailbox as Donna & Lisa's Personal Favorite

Congratulations to all the In the Mailbox badge winners! Grab your badge below to proudly showcase on your own blog!

Thanks so much to everyone that played along with this challenge.  We have a new challenge up: "No Girls Allowed" Masculine Cards Only. We hope you can join us and for our future challenges!

~Sandy and the CIE Designers


  1. Oh my STARS! I'm soooo deeply honoured and thrilled to receive First Class Honours, as well as being Sandy & Annie's Personal Favorite in the mailbox! THANK YOU! Congratulations to the other winners: a gallery of amazing inspiration and creativity! To the CIE Team: I'm so delighted to have discovered your fabulously warm, inviting place-to-play!; your investment of time and energy is abundantly appreciated. My blog will be proud to display your badge. I have my thinking cap on for your current challenge...

    1. Carol, you are so very welcome! We are all thrilled that you found us!! I have shared your comment with all of the CIE Designers. Thanks for your wonderful comment. It has made our day :) ~ Sandy

    2. You have made MY day!! Hugs to all!!

  2. Better late than never.... thank you so much for the shout out Patricia! Lots of blue loveliness to enjoy here.


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