Upcoming Challenge Themes

For those who like to work ahead creating cards, we are sharing our challenge theme list!  Now, while you can check this list and make cards BEFORE the challenge, please be aware that the BACKLINKING RULE still applies.  What that means is, please do not post your card creation for one of our challenges prior to the challenge date. It's perfectly fine to create the card, photograph it and send the card to it's final destination but keep the photo and share it on your blog or online album AFTER the challenge goes live. Thank you! ~ Sandy and the Cards in Envy Designers

November 5 Fire or Rain! (Create a card featuring either fire or rain OR a card using fire colors or rain colors)
November 19 Santa Baby! (Anything that makes you think of San ta)
December 3 The Spirit of Christmas (Any style Christmas card and any color theme)
December 17 Hang Your Stocking with Care! (create a card featuring a stocking, Christmas or other OR what yo might find in your stocking)
January 7 It's all about the NUMBERS (Create a card featuring, of course, numbers...birthday number, a date, 2019 etc.)
January 21 Love Me or Love My Pet ( Create a love card or better yet one featuring a pet)

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